gemini43 | 9 Jul 2011, 6:29pm

Polticians and scamsters and in that order must be viewing the massive wealth discovered at the Sri Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple in Tiruvananthapuram with greedy eyes. This wealth is the sole property of the temple; there are enough laws that establish that. Even the past colonial master, British legal system accepted and respected these.

The most satisfying in all this hu-ha is the total integrity of the Travancore Royalty in leaving this wealth where it was supposed to be. They considered themselves 'Padmanabha dasaas'. THIS IS ROYALTY IN ITS TRUE FORM.

This wealth should not go out of the Temple or Kerala for any purpose. Our present system of politics and administration both in the government and in the many temples is too coorupt to let it be otherwise.

All true well wishers of this country's heritage and culture must support this and ensure that the wealth stays within the temple premises, well protected, documented and accounted and transparent.

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Falaknuma-whats to be proud about?

gemini43 | 21 Sep 2010, 7:39am

I visited the Flaknuma Palace a few days ago with some friends for the first time. It was nice to see the manner in which it is being restored by the Taj Group, as an exclusive hotel. It will seek to create the old world charm of the Nizam era and give an out of the world experience to the guests.

However looking at its evolution we were struck by the fact that every little piece of item used to build this charming and magnificient structure had come from foreign soil. Tiles and balustrades, furniture and fixtures, chandliers and light fixtures, linen and tapestry, crockery and cutlery, decorative statues and such were all imported by the the original builder of the edifice.  There does not seem to be any significant Hyderabadi contribution, except for the menials at its construction.  It was later sold off to the 6th Nizam.

It is quite surprisng that the Nizams did not think of establishing facilities to produce those items in their own land thus creating avenues for employment and importing advanced skills into their protectorate. It would have made a significant change to the economy and life of the people. The availibility of such materials would have over a period of time brought in typical Hyderabaadi motifs and designs and styles that would be available to all in the state and outside.

It is evident that the rulers were content to live off the people without significantly contributing to the enhancement of their life or livelihood.

Is this a passable view point?

It's great that the taj group is significantly sourcing from within the state and country.


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